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Service Design Conference

My latest project I was co-founding is the DOERS Service Design Conference. It is a cultural mission for me, to bring great designers to the CEE region to speak about the importance of service design & customer centricity.
The conference was sold out a week before the start, with over 500+ participants joining from 28 different countries.

Doers Conference

Design Thinking FAQ

More than a bookshelf

During different design thinking sessions participants frequently ask for my advice about what books to read to acquire more knowledge in the field. Sometimes they are even more specific and ask about books for specific parts of the design thinking process. So Design Thinking FAQ is my loved selection of books for each stages of the design thinking process. Check it out and have a good reading!

Design Thinking FAQ

Conversational Design

Award winning solutions

Several different chatbots designed & developed for many different platforms from RCS to Facebook. Featured in large scale events like Mobile World Congress and also winning top global awards.

Behind the scene...

Tamas Lengyel

Experience Designer

I am a Germany based experience designer with 15 years experience, acquired in more than 40+ countries around the globe. I focus on employee engagement, creating services that work and crafting unique brand experience. If you want to see more details about me check out one of my social places.

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